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Don't Thank Me for LLamas by nikki-ns


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. Starry Night . by SugareeSweetsHaaaaaai there! Welcome Bunny by Syumi to my page! . Starry Night . by SugareeSweets

Ugh.. Why must introducing yourself be so awkward? -n-


Lol, just kidding. I'm a... potato. A living, breathing, anal-retentive, neat-freak potato. XD

But in any case, I'm a potato-bunny that loves to draw! Drawing is one of my very favorite things to do, and it's also how I express myself, my ideas, and my love and/or hatred for things! [In other words, while I mostly do original art, I also do a lot of fanart, and a lot of ranting... Sorry in advance. ^^;]


~I'm still at a very intermediate level skill-wise, but I'm always working at improving! Maybe one day I'll even stop hating on my own work! XD

~My style is extremely inconsistent, because I both love to experiment/try new things and have the attention span of a poodle. It doesn't take much to distract me, which is probably why I have a Current Projects folder the size of this state. XD

~I'm very inspired by manga, anime, music, cute things, cultures, etc., and I try very hard to incorporate all of these things into my work! Especially manga and anime, since it helps me break out of my comfort zone, which is realism.

~Also.. Shiny things.
I love stuff that glows/shines, so I pretty much always throw SOMETHING bright into my pieces! I'm serious when I say that I think I was a raccoon in another life.
I have a strange affinity for rugs/carpets, I sniff anything and everything before it goes in my mouth, [I heard that. I was talking about food. Get your mind out of the gutter.] I seem to always have shadows around my eyes, and, of course, I'm in love with any and all shiny things. Nobody else I've ever met has a giant collection of useless crap that has absolutely no value, except the fact that it's shiny in some way. Old wrappers, various coins, hologram tissue paper.. You name it, I've probably hoarded it.

If you'd like to know more about me, please check out my ID further down on the page! :la:
And I hope you're having a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting! ;w;

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My account is.. Active/Inactive

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[Alternate/Icon Account]


[Really Cool People! <3]

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Perfectly Ordinary If Not Totally Sarcastic


Ignore this, please!! It's just to collect the points earned from llama giving! I do it for free anyway XP

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2,951 deviants said Thank me here! :happybounce: [and you are very welcome! ^^]
832 deviants said A llama back is the best way to say thank you, anyway! LLAMAS FOR EVERYONE! :la:
98 deviants said Send a note or comment on this poll, but comments on my page are not welcome. [& spam, self-promotion, and trolling are not welcome ANYWHERE.]
57 deviants said Please don't judge me by my attitude towards thank you for the llama comments! I'm normally a very nice & pleasant person, those comments just get to me. D:
31 deviants said My history with llama comments and why I hate them so much:…


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 2:42 PM

Hey, everyone! I apologize in advance for the angry post! ^^;

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm leaving on another hiatus! I'll probably be on for the rest of today, so the hiatus will most likely start tomorrow, but I'm not sure when or even if I'll be back. [But if/when I do, I'll definitely be sure let you all know! ^^]

As for the TFS transcripts, I, uh.. I'll still try to upload them if and when I can, because of how many people have told me they don't understand English that well and the transcripts really help them, but.. It'll probably be awhile before I come back. At this moment and time, I just REALLY don't want to be here on this site anymore. 

I'm just waiting now to see who catches the Kiriban! So exciting, we're almost there! :la:
Congratulations, WildBeastTamerdoesMC for catching the 100K Kiriban!!!!!

I was kinda hoping to be able to put this hiatus off until I reached the Runaway Llamas badge level, [only 2,000 left! I got SO CLOSE.. T.T] but.. After last night and this morning, it's very clear that that is just not going to happen.

There's a lot going on right now, both in real life and on here, but without touching on the real-life stuff, the bottom line is, I am SO. SICK. of the nasty, foul, disgusting, p.o.s. people on here.

I told myself a few weeks ago that instead of flat-out leaving DA for good, which ALMOST happened, I was going to try just blocking the nastier people and letting whatever it is that they pull go, and if that didn't work, then I really would leave.

Lo and behold, it didn't work out. Big surprise. I just.. Nope. I've had my fill of stupid, idiotic, horrible people on here, and enough really IS enough. So I'm getting out of here before it drives me as crazy as some of them are. I've held on through a 10-month s**t-storm, and I'm just left feeling really tired and empty. I joined DA to have fun and to art, not to argue with a horde of people and try to field whatever mines they decide to throw.

And to everyone who has ever..
Stalked me.
Made me feel like my best wasn't good enough.
Pretended to be my friend only to show your true colors later on.
Pretended to be my friend for the wrong reasons.
Made me feel like I wasn't safe in my own home.
Went on a public tirade, saying horrible and untrue things about me. Especially while I sat here and said nothing about you.
Acted like I'm a complete and utter raging b**ch when I'm only reacting to you upsetting me.
Acted like a child when they didn't get their own way.
Openly admitted to using me, and then acted like it was a non-issue.
TRIED to use or take advantage of me.
Saw that I was sad and used it as an opportunity to kick me while I was down.
Deliberately thanked me for a llama or left some sort of 'I'm not thanking you' comment on my page when I ask people NOT to do that.
Called me a harasser/bully/etc. when I'm NOT. Especially when they were really the ones harassing ME.
Used alternate accounts to harass me. 
Hit on me even though I try to be VERY clear that I'm not interested in dating anyone. 
Turn around and be vicious to me when they finally realize that I'm serious about not being interested.
Went out of their way to be cruel to me.
Put words in my mouth. 
Twisted my words. 
Used my pain, things I thought I could tell them, to hurt me.
Done unspeakable things to me and hurt me in ways I never thought possible.

Go to hell.

Some people ask for a LOT from life, the very best life has to offer. 

All I ask for is a safe and happy home and healthy family, for the bills to be paid, and for people not to thank me for a llama on my page.

I don't think that's asking too much, and yet.. Look where we are now. I get attacked daily by strangers because I defend my rules for my page. But I have NEVER been mean enough about it to deserve a good portion of the crap that has been said about me by you 'polite' people. I flinch now when I see a long comment/reply/note addressed to me, because I'm so used to them being from people who are hating on me. In December, I was literally thinking suicidal thoughts, because having to deal with everyone's shit combined with all the real-life issues snowballed until I couldn't really remember what exactly was so great about living life. [I don't feel suicidal any more, though, don't worry! I was just having a really hard time coping. ^^] That's not right, and I DON'T deserve that, no matter what you may think of me.

I just wanted to collect llamas, that's all. I've been very sad in the past year, and collecting llamas makes me happy. It's just a little thing that helps me cope while everything falls apart around me. It hurts my feelings when people tell me that I should stop giving them out if I don't want to be thanked, when it's very easy for you NOT to thank me, but some days, giving out llamas is the only distraction I have to keep me from crying my eyes out. 

To everyone else, and all my friends, thank you for being such wonderful people and making me laugh and treating me like a PERSON.
I love you all and I wish the best for you, your families, your pets, your endeavors, everything!!! :huggle:

  • Listening to: Roast Yourself Challenges
  • Reading: The Idiot's Guide To Songwriting
  • Watching: YouTube Videos
  • Playing: Game Of Thrones Monopoly
  • Eating: Lasagnaaaaaaaaa
  • Drinking: Ice Water/Dr. Pepper, same as always.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

. Starry Night . by SugareeSweetsHIYAH, EVERYONE!!!!!!! :happybounce:. Starry Night . by SugareeSweets
♥ Ugh, I have always sucked at these About Me things, so I'ma just try and throw out some random facts and stuff instead!

Zodiac Sign: Leo [Chinese Zodiac: Rooster]
Spirit Animal: Raccoon
IQ: Data Not Found
Personality Type: INTJ-T
Languages: English, Sarcasm. I'm very fluent in Sarcasm.
Art Style: All over the place.

I love giving and collecting llamas!
If you could be so kind as to please donate one to my highly overrun farm, I would be SO grateful!
I'm trying to get to Runaway Llamas, and then all the way to 100,000, so that's a looooot of furry beasts left to go!
I also return EVERY llama I receive, so you'll definitely get one back!


✘ DO NOT ✘

Thank me for the llama in a comment on my page. Even if you throw a compliment in there, it still makes me angry. If you can't write a comment without mentioning thanks or llama, then don't leave one at all. It's that simple, it really is.

[If you'd like to know about the story behind this, because I didn't ALWAYS hate being thanked so much, please check out the journal linked in the poll above or the journal links below! ^^]

✘ Spam, troll, or self-promote anywhere on my page or to me directly.

✘ Ask for points, memberships, watch-for-watch, ask me to promote you or to visit your gallery.

✘ Critique my art without my okay. [The TFS transcripts are the only exception; if I've got a line wrong, please politely let me know.]

✘ Send me a link that leads off-site unless we're friends; it will not be clicked.

✘ Try to TELL me what to do. You can ask or suggest politely, like a civil human being.

✘ Twist my words or put words in my mouth. It will get you blocked, and possibly reported, depending.
Either take what is said at face value or leave it alone. Don't make s**t up.

✘ Leave flirty comments on my photos. I don't upload photos of myself very often, but even when I do, it is NOT an invitation for distasteful comments! I am getting really tired of pervs on this site feeling that if someone uploads a photo of themselves, that gives them the right to comment on their looks/hit on them/make lustful suggestions/etc. It's disgusting, and it's not welcome on my page.

✘ Try to hit on me. I'm NOT here to date! This is an ART SITE. If you want a date, go on a DATING SITE.

✘ Play head-games with me. Just be straight. I'm not going to try and wrestle information out of you, or put up with petty BS.

✘ Argue with me if you do not know what you're talking about first. If you can't be bothered to educate yourself, then I won't be bothered to listen to you.
[Example: People who leave me a thank you comment, then tell me to 'just delete/erase it.' YOU. CAN'T. DELETE. A. COMMENT. ON. DA. Only flag them as spam or hide them! It's very easily obtainable information, and since you're online, with the world's information at your fingertips, there is no excuse for being ignorant!]

✘ Bully, harass, intimidate, make fun of, be rude to or disrespect me or anyone on my page. You will be blocked and reported.

✘ Involve others in your problem with me. It makes you look really childish and petty, and it's not fair to the neutral party.

✘ LIE TO ME. ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH. I absolutely cannot stand liars, and trust me, I WILL call you out on it. I respect people a LOT more for admitting a hard truth rather than telling an easy lie.

✘ Excessively swear! I don't mind it here and there, but please keep it to a minimum. :)

✘ Ask me personal questions if you do not know me!! It is not your business what my real name is, where I live, etc.

✘ Try to become my friend for the wrong reasons. If you like me, talk to me. If you want something from me, just ask, and I'll decide whether or not I'll do it. Don't pretend to be one to get the other.

✘ Take the Lord's name in vain. I'm not really religious at all, but I still don't like it.

✘ And this is the most obvious one, but DO NOT. STEAL. MY ART. That includes re-uploading, cropping, editing, rendering, tracing, 'frankensteining,' and everything else!! If YOU didn't draw it, it's not yours, so DO. NOT. USE. IT.
[I don't mind if you save a copy to your computer, though, as long as it's just for viewing purposes.]

💝 UHM.. You're pretty much free to do anything else, just please remember to always..
✦ Respect my page and my rules. You can obviously do whatever you want on yours, but this is mine.
That means you need to respect my rules and be polite.
You will be warned only once. If you persist, you will be blocked.

✦More Random Crap✦

✦ I'm EXTREMELY random. And weird.

✦ I'm also a freaking chatterbox.

✦ And addicted to emotes. Fair warning.

✦ I love jokes!!! Feel free to tell me some! :la:
[Hey.. If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches? :D]

✦ I have the attention span of a poodle, which is a big part of why my art style is all over the place and the fact that completing art can take me anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years.

✦ I love music, and I bring it up a lot. [Speaking of which, I have "Cigarette Duet" by Princess Chelsea stuck in my head as I type this! >w<]

✦ The artists that inspire me the most are :icondestinyblue::iconartgerm::iconyuumei::iconmegatruh::iconkaminary-san::iconyamio:

✦ I miss the 90's.

✦ I adore food-related art.

✦ I can be a tad nosy, I'm sorry! If I ask you any questions you're uncomfortable with, please let me know and I'll try my best not to do it again! <3

✦ I'm not the best at replying quickly!
Please don't be offended or think I'm angry if you don't hear back right away! Odds are I'm just short on time or something! But I never delete a note/comment/whatever without reading it first, so I won't forget to reply! ;w;
[That being said, I'm no longer replying to rude comments/notes. If you don't hear back from me after a few days and it turns out your comment has been hidden and/or you've been blocked, then it's probably because you did one of the things I say not to do to me/on my page, listed above.]

✦ As I said above, I love llama collecting. But, for the love of God, if you tell me to stop giving them out if I don't want to be thanked, you will automatically be blocked. My giving out llamas does not affect your ability to read, thank you very much.

✦ I'm a huge Game Of Thrones fan and I have a hard time shutting up about it while it's airing. Or at all.

✦ Speaking of Game Of Thrones, I have a huge crush on absolutely adore The Hound!

✦ I love YouTube, and my favorite YouTubers are Team Four Star, LeafyIsHere, GradeAUnderA, Jen Dent, Jessi Smiles, Tana Mongeau, Philip DeFranco, Honest Trailers, PotterPuppetPals, 1KidsEntertainment [Pokemon 'Bridged], The Lion Whisperer, and, God help me, PewDiePie.

✦ And speaking of Team Four Star, on top of poetry and art, I also write transcripts for DBZA, FFVII:MA, and more! I'm a HUGE fan! :la:

✦ I VERY MUCH believe in karma, so.. Careful what you do and how you treat people, 'cause that s**t comes back around.

✦ I really, truly cannot stand people who are condescending, conceited, and/or egotistical.

✦ I've never smoked or done drugs, and I rarely ever drink. I really hate substance abuse, so please don't try to joke around about it with me or try to tell me something pro-drug like, 'oh, marijuana's not a drug, it's a plant.'
I don't like them. Please respect that.
And, by the way..
Drug: A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
It IS a drug.

✦ I am not racist/sexist/whatever and I support the LGBT community with all my heart, and if you have a problem with that, then that is your problem, not mine.

✦ Trying to be tactful has not worked out very well for me, so I'm trying to go with a more blunt approach to things..
Sorry about that! ^^;

And also, I have been working very hard at building up my self-confidence and teaching myself to be proud of who I am and what I've accomplished, instead of berating myself for everything I've failed to succeed at thus far, which I used to be really bad for.
It is my goal to help others learn to do the same, and so, even though I do it a lot in the form of RANTING, I try my best to share not only the unfortunate situations I've had to deal with, but the lessons I learned from them, in the hopes that one day, we can all learn to respect ourselves enough to recognize when someone is disrespecting us, and stand up for ourselves, like we deserve!

No one deserves to be bullied, to have someone take their bad mood or insecurities out on them, or just.. have to deal with have the s**t they do because other people feel like treating them that way, and I'm going to try my absolute best to help anyone I can to see their own self-worth.

Don't be afraid to be brave and stand up to someone or stand up for yourself, or to change a situation for the better,
even if you lose something [like a friend] in the process.
If you are doing the right thing for the right reasons,
if you're doing everything you can to be the best person you can be, and defend the rights and feelings of yourself and others,
then you, my friend, are perfect just as you are.

Anyone who tells you you're not good enough even when you're doing your very best is just.. a shrub. A lying, miserable shrub.

And I know my page is bright and colorful and stuffs, but don't let it fool you;
I'm boring as f**k.
Don't know why anyone bothers talking to me. >w<


❤ Things I Like ❤

Honesty, kindness, manners, fairness, respect, equality, freedom, understanding, support, strength of mind, standing up for your rights, and, uhm... Just good people in general! ^^

Also, outer space, llamas, reading, pizza/Italian food, English/writing/poetry, leggings, learning, manga/anime, bike rides, sunny days, libraries, chocolate, cheeseburgers, organizing and cleaning, music, yoga, Logic problems, playing video games, drawing and stuffs like that. >.<

✘ Things I Don't Like/Refuse to Tolerate ✘

LIARS, ignorance, disrespect, racism, sexism, conceit/narcissism, belittling others, bribery, coersion, blackmail, people who deflect the blame of their own actions onto others, twisting people's words or putting words in their mouths, criticism that serves no real purpose, condescending tones, abuse, meanness, spiteful/petty acts, inconsideration, people who only ever have problems but no solutions, people who like hurting others, people who ask for your (honest) opinion and then get mad at your answer, bratty little kids and the parents who let them act like that, homophobic people, war, drugs, people who abuse positions of power, politicians, aaaaaand.. I'm sure there's more, so I'll just add them as I remember. >.<

Also, tornadoes, ghosts, demonic possession, paranormal-related activity, MATH, being called by my full name, romance novels, exercising, shopping, skirts, high heels, hot and humid days, and the like. XD

Anyway, that's enough about me. How about you? ^o^

Top Fifteen Words To Describe Myself:



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